Annual Report Rating 2014

Swiss Annual Report Rating 2014

The Swiss annual report rating firstly included the annual reports of all listed companies included in the spi. A number of unlisted companies were then added to the list. This meant the sample included the 50 Swiss companies with the highest sales, the 15 insurers with the highest gross premiums and the 25 banks with the highest reported total assets. The total sample in 2014 encompasses 226 companies.

This sample was then evaluated by a succession of three juries. Firstly by the investor relations jury, headed by Prof. Dr. Alexander Wagner, Institute for Banking and Finance, University of Zurich, which also evaluated the printed annual reports as well as the investor relations on the internet.  Secondly by a design jury headed by Peter Vetter, Zurich University of the Arts. This evaluated both print as well as online submissions.

Pooling these two juries produced a list of 12 top-ranked annual reports (online and print). It was from this list that the final jury chose the three overall winners.

The design jury

The design jury awarded the rankings as follows:

1st place: Kuoni
2nd place: Implenia
3rd place: Geberit

Value reporting

The Swiss Banking Institute chose the following ranking:

1st place: Swisscom
2nd place: Credit Suisse
3rd place: Geberit

The overall winners for annual reports

The overall jury consisted of representatives of the content jury as well as the design jury, one representative of an audit firm, one financial analyst, one business journalist, one corporate communications manager, two investor relations specialists and one communications consultant. The 12 annual reports and the websites of the best-ranked companies were determined by adding together the ratings awarded by the first two juries. On the basis of this the third jury picked the overall winners of this year's annual report ratings:

1st place: Clariant
2nd place: Swisscom
3rd place: Swiss Re

The 12 annual reports that made it to the final round

Barry Callebaut
Liechtensteinische Landesbank
Die Post
Swiss Re
VP Bank