Rating event

Rating event 2014

Winner team 1st place overall: Clariant (Schweiz) AG (f l t r)
Daniel Kaufmann, Claudia Kamensky, Kai Rolker, Marco Forraro
The winners overall of the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2014 (f l t r)
Rolf Tanner, Swiss Re (3rd place), Claudia Kamensky and Kai Rolker, Clariant (1st place) and Nathalie Hertig, Swisscom (2nd place)
The winners design (f l t r)
Philipp Bircher, Implenia (2nd place), Peter Brun, Kuoni (1st place), Roman Sidler, Geberit (3rd place)
The winners value reporting (f l t r)
Christopher Harris, Credit Suisse (2nd place), Peter Burkhalter, Swisscom (1st place), Roman Sidler, Geberit (3rd place)
1st place newcomer value reporting and newcomer design (f l t r)
Peter Zoebeli, Zoebelicom, Martin Blom, Mikron Management AG (1st place newcomer value reporting), Stephan Michel und Martin Clausen, Valiant Bank AG (1st place newcomer design)