Catalogue of online design criteria
Explanatory information about the criteria

Design assessment criteria for online annual reports

Criteria, pre-selection, working method

In the pre-selection, reports which provide a communication offering suitable for the particular media on the digital channel were identified. Reports, which simply offer the printed annual report as a download opportunity (PDF) on their website were not assessed. Each jury member assessed the shortlisted reports according to 5 criteria on a scale of marks from 1 to 10. The 100 best in the Design Online category were assessed and included in the Print and Online category (consolidated); weighting Design Print and Design Online 50 per cent each.

Criteria for design assessment

1. Overall impression > Mark 1–10

  • Media convergence
  • Complementarity
  • Appropriateness
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Care

2. Appropriate presentation for the media > Mark 1–10

  • Fast loading times
  • Contents are conveniently readable
  • Use, readability
  • Responsive, works on different screens

3. Usability > Mark 1–10

  • Clear, traceable user elements
  • Interactive
  • Help for the user, links between relevant contents
  • Information structure

4. Information architecture/structural make-up > Mark 1–10

  • Clearly visible and clearly structured
  • Understandable user guidance
  • Structure and design appropriate for the target groups
  • Networking

5. Emotional components > Mark 1–10

  • Representative
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Attractive, dynamic, multimedia (moving image, sound)
  • Emotional, attractive