Rating 2017

The annual reports of all the companies represented in the Swiss Performance Index SPI were rated. The list was supplemented by some other unlisted companies so that the 50 Swiss enterprises with the biggest turnover, the 25 banks with the highest balance sheet total and the 15 insurance companies with the largest actuarial income according to finma were included in the rating. Overall, the 2017 rating comprised 234 companies. This sample was assessed by a total of three juries. Firstly, by the value reporting jury headed by Prof. Dr. Alexander F. Wagner, Institute for Banking and Finance, at Zurich University, who judged value reporting both in the printed annual reports and on the corresponding websites. Secondly, the design jury headed by Jonas Voegeli, Zurich University of the Arts, assessed the design (print and online). The overall ranking by these two juries determined the 12 best placed annual Reports (Print and Online). The ten person final jury which included practising experts alongside representatives of the Value Reporting and Design Jury, went on to determine this year’s three overall winners.

Value Reporting Category

The Institute for Banking and Finance arrived at the following ranking:
Number 1: Swisscom
Number 2: LafargeHolcim
Number 3: UBS

Design category

The Design Jury decided on the following ranking (weighting of “Print” and “Online” in equal shares):
Number 1: HIAG Immobilien
Number 2: Zur Rose
Number 3: Implenia

The twelve best annual reports (weighting of “Design” and “Value Reporting” in equal shares) were determined by combining the results of the Value Reporting Jury and Design Jury.

The 12 annual reports in the final selection (in alphabetical order)

Liechtensteinische Landesbank
St. Galler Kantonalbank
Swiss Re

Annual reports: the overall winners

The overall jury consisted of representatives of the Value Reporting and Design Jury, a bilanz editor, a financial analyst, a corporate communications manager, two investor relations specialists and a communications consultant. By adding the ratings of the first two juries together the 12 annual reports and websites of the best ranking enterprises were determined. In a first step these are assessed individually by the overall jury. From that assessment the field was narrowed down to five annual reports that were the subject of intense discussion in plenary session. Finally, in a secret ballot, the winners and the two runners up were decided.
Number 1: Geberit
Number 2: Clariant
Number 3: Straumann

The year’s top performers

The following companies made the biggest gains in the overall assessment as compared to the previous years («Value Reporting» and «Design» consolidated, weighting in equal shares). They are:
Number 1: Calida (2017: Rank 65; Improvement: 69 places)
Number 2: gmsa (2017: Rank 144; Improvement:62 places Ranks)
Number 3: Coltene (2017: Rank 122; Improvement: 61places)

In the Design category (weighting of “Print” and “Online” in equal shares) the following three companies achieved the biggest improvements on the previous year:
Number 1: Ypsomed (2017: Rank 108; Improvement: 123 places)
Number 2: Starrag Group (2017: Rank 104; Improvement: 116 places)
Number 3: Mikron (2017: Rank 96; Improvement: 105 places)

In the Value Reporting category (weighting of “Online” and “IR on the Internet”: 80/20 per cent) the following three companies achieved the biggest improvements on the previous year:
Number 1: Calida (2017: Rank 52; Improvement: 52 places)
Number 2: Swiss Financial & Property (2017: Rank 168; Improvement: 50 places)
Number 3: Helvetia (2017: Rank 25; Improvement: 42 places)