Knowledge partners

With around 2,300 students, Zurich University of the Arts is one of Europe’s largest art academies. Its diverse study and research programme encompasses the fields of design, film, art, media, music, dance, theatre, art education and transdisciplinary projects. The new Toni-Areal Campus is home to all of these disciplines. The Department of Design offers a wide range of art and design courses for the designers of the future at Bachelor and Master’s level, for example in game design, visual communication and scientific visualisation. Research is conducted by the Institute for Design Research.

The Institute of Banking and Finance of the University of Zurich (founded in 1969 as the Institut für schweizerisches Bankwesen (Swiss Banking Institute)) boasts wide-ranging expertise in the four fields of banking, corporate finance, financial economics and quantitative finance, with a special focus on financial market regulation, value reporting, corporate governance, market liquidity, behavioural finance, environmental finance and asset pricing. The Institute is committed to an interdisciplinary approach. The Institute of Banking and Finance provides a learning environment of the very highest standard and has also devised a continuing education programme which meets the needs of professionals. With 16 professors and over 130 staff, the Institute of Banking and Finance is one of the leading institutions in the German-speaking world. More information: