Hans-Peter Nehmer
Hans-Peter Nehmer

More is more – reporting as a comprehensive overview
Integrated reporting is arguably the fundamental change in future corporate reporting. Integrated reporting takes account of the increasing requirement for information in accordance with a company’s sense of social and environmental responsibility. Admittedly, implementing the simultaneous communication of financial and non-financial information is demanding and still in its infancy in Switzerland. Yet Clariant, our winner this year, shows how it can be done. Over some 170 pages, this company succeeded in coherently setting out its key value drivers, creating a “big picture” of Clariant for all its stakeholders. As the jury, we concluded that this was an impressive example of integrated reporting! Incidentally, the classic financial section for Clariant is only available online. The lack of figures in the printed edition may come as a surprise to analysts and journalists. But, if only with a view to sustainability, surely it is high time that the value and success of a company should be assessed by looking at and beyond the figures? Exactly.

To get the picture, we need pictures
This sounds trite, but is actually elementary, because photographs are the most effective media in corporate publishing. Pictures have the power to communicate messages straight to the audience, they bring written material to life, arouse emotions – or to put it another way: they achieve communication objectives. So why is the number of pictures in company reports decreasing? We maintain that, for us, as the jury, visual communication remains a quality criterion. This is no place for stock photos with beaming faces reminiscent of a toothpaste advertisement. What is needed is people in lively scenes instead of lifeless objects such as buildings, product ranges or machines – only a few business reports exploit the full potential of credible yet authentic photos. Here too, the aim should be to present a comprehensive world. Ask yourself the question: when do you ever perceive a company as modern, flexible and consequently successful in an annual report? When you look at the individual portraits of the management team or when you see photographs of lively teams working together at all different levels? Exactly.

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Hans-Peter Nehmer
Chairman of the Annual Reports Rating Jury
Harbour Club Managing Board Member
Head of Corporate Communications Allianz Switzerland