The winners category Value Reporting in the annual report/​on the Internet
(Weighting 80/20 per cent)

1st place overall value reporting 2018: Clariant

Print version
Online version

Tribute to 1st place
by Roman Schneider, University of Zurich,
Value Reporting Jury
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Value reporting in the annual report     Value reporting on the Internet
Rank 1 Rank 4
Points total 5,296 Points total 4,714
Design print     Design online
Rank 6 Rank 5
Overall impression 78,20 Overall impression 78,20
Design 81,70 Media-friendliness, including ergonomic aspects 74,60
Images and visualisations 74,60 Usability 73,80
Typography 79,60 Information architecture and structuring 73,80
Production and finish 80,80 Emotional components 67,50
Points total 79,00 Points total 73,60