Criteria catalogue for design online
Explanatory notes regarding the criteria

Criteria, preselection,method (online annual reports)

The reports that provided media-compatible communication for digital channels were identified at the preselection stage. Reports provided simply as a PDF download for printing from the company's website were not graded. Each member of the jury evaluated the reports in the shortlist according to five criteria, assigning scores on a scale of 10–100. The “overall impression” score is based on both online and print media and is allocated once only. The overall evaluation is totted up and split across the five criteria. The maximum total is 100.

Criteria for the design evaluation

1. Overall impression > score 10–100

  • Media convergence
  • Complementarity
  • Appropriateness
  • Individuality
  • Due diligence

2. Design > score 10–100

  • Overall design
  • User experience
  • Utilisation of media opportunities
  • Interplay of content (text, image, audio;
    any augmented reality/virtual reality)

3. Usability > score 10–100

  • Clarity of operating elements
  • Practicality of user guidance
  • Consumability on all terminal devices
    (e.g. responsive web design, browser, etc.)
  • Barrier-free accessibility of content and functions

4. Structure > score 10–100

  • Clear range of content and functions
  • Classification of information according to target groups and context
  • Logical and efficient navigation
  • Content can be consumed in a targeted, non-linear manner

5. Production > score 10–100

  • Technological quality (no incorrect display/behaviour)
  • Synthesis of online and print version
  • Content and data are provided for subsequent use (e.g. Excel financial figures)
  • Content is optimised for dialogue/distribution on third-party platforms (e.g. sharing on social media or citing in professional articles)


The categories and criteria are in line with the following guidelines:
Four Principles of Accessibility by W3C; Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett; Website Assessment and Evaluation by University of Washington

The design online category carries a maximum of 100 points. When aggregated with the design print category, its rating is effectively halved.


In the design category, the jury members assess the 100 best reports for the print and online version (for the purposes of the analysis, the average score achieved is totted upin each case and halved).

Score 80–100


Score 70–80

very good

Score 50– 60


Score 40– 50


Score 30


Score 20


Score 10

very poor