Criteria catalogue for design print
Explanatory notes regarding the criteria

Criteria, preselection,method (printed annual reports)

All reports are assessed during a preselection stage. This resulted in a shortlist of around 120 reports. Each member of the jury then evaluates these 120 reports according to the five criteria, assigning scores on a scale of 10 to 100. The “overall impression” score is based on both online and print media and is allocated once only. The overall evaluation is totted up and split across the five criteria. The maximum total is 100.

Criteria for the design evaluation

1. Overall impression > score 10–100

  • Media convergence
  • Complementarity
  • Appropriateness
  • Individuality
  • Due diligence

2. Design > score 10–100

  • Design concept
  • Reading guidance
  • Interplay of text, images, diagrams and tables
  • Structure, rhythm
  • Mood, use of colour

3. Images and visualisation > score 10–100

  • Pictorial language
  • Informative value
  • Communication content
  • Graphics and diagrams

4. Typography > score 10–100

  • Choice and use of font
  • Ease of reading and reading guidance
  • Structure, clarity
  • Manner of text wrapping
  • Table layout

5. Production > score 10–100¹

  • Reproduction, preprint
  • Print quality
  • Finishing
  • Paper, binding and finish

The design print category carries a maximum of 100 points. When aggregated with the design online category, its rating is effectively halved.

(1)If no physical printed copy was submitted or available, the PDF online was given a score of 10.