Hans-Peter Nehmer
Hans-Peter Nehmer

Internationally unique

The Swiss Annual Report Rating is the only one of its kind in the world. I am not aware of any other example that offers a similarly comprehensive and systematic analysis and assessment of corporate reporting. This year, we ran the rule over 238 reports – in both their printed and online versions.

With these ratings, HarbourClub is making an important contribution to transparency in reporting. But just as important is how it identifies potential for improvement. The companiesrecognised should see our ratings as both a form of recognition and an incentiveto ignore the soft option in future too and continue promoting quality communication – even in the face of internal resistance.

Our three juries draw on the expertise of over 40 people, who put in a tremendous amount of work. And over 30,000 individual criteria, in relation to value reporting, are assessed by just the team of students at the University of Zurich.

Fight for quality!

I and many of my colleagues on the jury know that good annual reports require a lot of hard work. So the main thing is to convince both the board and the managementof the importance of effective value reporting. Those responsible for corporate communications often have their work cut out to make a convincing case. Our advice is to put forward sound arguments. You stand to gain a lot.

And our winner comes from Liechtenstein

For the first time in the history of our ratings (dating back more than 30 years), a company from outside Switzerland has pulled off this amazing feat. The top prize goes to our neighbouring country of Liechtenstein. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank is listed on the Swiss stock exchange, so is covered by our ratings. But this achievement comes as no surprise. For ten years now, we have been impressed by the bank’s reporting. In 2018, the Liechtensteiners made it on to the podium, before actually topping it this year. I congratulate all medal winners on their outstanding work!

Warmest regards

Hans-Peter Nehmer
Chairman of the Jury – Annual Report Rating
Board Member at HarbourClub
Head of Corporate Communications Allianz Suisse