Winners in the overall ranking

Tribute to 2nd place
Anke Gerding,
Managing Partner fineance AG

Starting is easy, but perseverance is an art. And this is the veryquality that has allowed Geberit to claw its way back to 2nd place this year. Perseverance in this case means striving to maintain a very healthy position, the kind Geberit has managed to hold on to since 2011, with the company having become a regular on the podium in recent years.

Even in retrospect, the concept underpinning the annual report is well thought out and coherent. “Alle reden davon – Geberit macht’s” (Everyone talks about it – Geberit does it) was a slogan coined to describe a communication strategy, suited to the target audience, for reporting on the course business and the company's financial results. This was achieved by breaking information down into fourdifferent publications. The full annual reportis designed as an online version, in which the main content is easy to find – with the reader able to put things together as theysee fit. This still has an absolutely contemporary feel, and thedesired information is easy to find both on computers or mobile devices. Readers who would like a printed copy have the option of a PDF version, which impresses with its clear focus on content and a neat, unfussy layout.

The summary short version of the report and the brochure containing facts and figures are available in print. These publications are enough to satisfy those needing some initial information. The positive thing here, as well as in the other publications, is the focus on key information, which is presented in a way that is easy to understand – thanks to a considered approach to the kind of language used and the decision to dispense with the full text.

The real highlight of the annual publications, however, isthe high-quality chronicle of the year. The small booklet, which has a linencover, gives various insights into the company’s day-to-day business and product selection. The reference projects showcased, such as the children's hospital in Helsinki, the shipping terminal in Barcelona or the architecturally interesting Julierturm in Graubünden, show just how versatile Geberit's pipes and sanitary systems can be for potential users. The many short reports help readers understand Geberit’s business and thereby build trust in the company as well as highlighting its flair for innovation.
The main criticism raised during the jury's discussions was how this kind of innovation was somehow lacking from the corporate reporting side of things, where it was a case of the company resting on itslaurels. Indeed, the annual report for 2018 does shows some room for improvement in the area of value reporting,as already mentioned in previous years. For example, the financial reporting could still benefit from some informative segment-based reporting, and the transition to adjusted earnings could be made clearer too. There is also a distinct shortage of creative surprises this year, and there was potential to have done a few more things in the online version of the annual report. Once again, however, the jury was impressed by the consistently high quality of the annual report. The very straightforwardness and dependability of the concept allow the reader to focus on the carefully prepared content and enjoy the interesting details that punctuate the report. The annual report is therefore almost as enjoyable for the reader as one of Geberit's ingeniously designed and comfortably appointedbathrooms, with both inviting the user to linger that bit longer. We are really looking forward to seeing how this concept will continue to develop in future years.

Congratulations on achieving 2nd place!