Winners in the overall ranking

Tribute to 3rd place
Leandro Künzli
, University of Zurich

“Objectives achieved thanks to innovation and investment.” In an environment associated with ever increasing demands in terms of the content and design of annual reports, Swisscom has continuously succeeded in publishing some outstanding reports over recent years. This year too saw Swisscom make the podium.

The transition from 4G to 5G is in full swing for Swisscom in its main field of activity. But its reporting is also moving towards its own “5G” approach, based on five core principles expressed in the company’s home language of German. The adjectives ganzheitlich (integrated), gelungen (accomplished), glaubwürdig (credible), geschickt (skilful) and gewöhnlich (familiar) describe the targeted way in which Swisscom is looking to supply its stakeholder groups with information about its performance.

Ganzheitlich (integrated) describes the general approach, which is sure to impress the reader of the annualreport. Both the clear way in which things are arranged and the appealing structure are as professional as ever and enable stakeholders to find the relevant information immediately and get an impression of how the past year has gone. Topics are addressed with clarity and not – as so often happens with corporate reporting – in a cliché-ridden manner. In addition, the value reporting on the Internet offers an enjoyable experience thanks to simple and clear navigation and some interactive functions.

Gelungen (accomplished) is a particularly fitting description this year of how Swisscom has reported the value-orientated remuneration policy. Although the regulatory requirements in this area are already high,the company managed to exceed the expectations of the specialist jury. Besides the detailed and authentic description of governance in relation toremuneration, the actual system for calculatingindividual salaries is also presented in a comprehensible manner.

Glaubwürdig (credible) is a fair assessment of the outstanding reportingin the area of sustainability. In an age when environmental and social policy is proving to be a popular marketing tool, this report fromSwisscom sends a clear signal. It becomes clear to the reader that the issue of sustainability (including any ecological, social and other implications) is not just a passingfad at Swisscom but regarded as the basis for strategic decisions.

Geschickt (skilful) describes the way that key information was provided in the shortreport. This won unanimous and significant recognition from the jury as it is one of the few to truly deserve this kind of accolade. Although it deliberately concentrates on the essential,the report compromises nothing in terms of information content and manages to convey the information required across a wide range of topics.

Gewöhnlich (familiar) is the specialist jury's verdict on the overall look from a design perspective. Besides the familiar corporate designelements, there are some sections where the type quality is not so good, which means there is further potential for improvement in future reporting periods. Those who set their standards as high as Swisscom – and tend to meet them as well – should be aiming to do better than average in terms of design too.

I congratulate those responsible at Swisscom for an outstanding 3rd place and look forward to seeing whether they can come up with another great “5G” concept to impress the jury next year.